Web Development

Project Main Details

12-Nov-2020 22:19:49
5 days
09-Nov-2020 06:13:04
6 days
Hi, I\'ve been in freelancing for more than 2 years and have done several projects in web development. I\'m also specialized in Javascript. As a demo, I\'ve built a simple facial expression project which detects facial expressions of a person. You can find the project at https://lokendras1.github.io/face-gesture-recognition/ I would like to know more about the project, like what other things you expect to be integrated into the project. Looking forward to working with you.

WordPress Developer Featured Project

Looking for a hands on Development, Not only experience using WordPress Templates

Graphic Designer Featured Project

1. editing and resizing all product photos 2.designing social media post in all forms 3. emailers and any other designs

GCloud Featured Project

Looking for someone, highly skilled in Cloud. 1. Having knowledge of virtual instance creation 2.Data Management 3. Have experience in kubernetes